Estou numa fase terrível. Dividida entre "Ah e tal domingo vou embora para a Alemanha!" e "Opah.... Eu tenho exame amanhã de manhã!". Tenho que me entregar ao estudo afincadamente e só depois posso deleitar-me com essa satisfação de passar uma semaninha em Berlim. Com neve. Ao frio. A passear. Com os colegas da faculdade. Gosto tanto!

I'm in a terrible situation. Divided between "Oh, I'm going to Germany on the next Sunday!" and "Damn... I have a final exam tomorrow morning!" I got to surrender and study hard and only after I can dream about being away for an entire week in Berlin. Snowing. In the cold. Strolling around the city. With college friends. I like that A LOT!


ps: If you have been to the city and know of some places to go to, feel free to share. I know all the monuments that turists visit but I'm asking about off-chart lovely places.:)

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  1. anxious! ^^
    but that's a shit picture... here's a much cooler one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-dYAMjR3XvCI/TukkG592TEI/AAAAAAAAAhg/oSPtXgEC9qk/s1600/berlin+3.jpg

    1. Uh...Me gusta! I hope the cold it makes there won't stop me from having a blast with you and the girls, babe!:D


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